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"Create with the heart; build with the mind."
~Criss Jami

École Centrale de Nantes

Masters of Science 2021-2024
M1 Fall M1 Spring M2 Fall
Course Professor Course Professor Course Professor
Algorithmics for Engineering Modeling Domenico Borzacchiello Energetics Jean-François Hetet Experimental Hydrodynamics Félician Bonnefoy
Business Environment Spencer Hawkridge Fluid Mechanics II Guillaume Ducrozet General Concepts of Hydrodynamics Lionel Gentaz
Continuum Mechanics Thomas Heuzé Hydrodynamics Antoine Ducoin Hydrodynamics R&D Antoine Ducoin
Fluid Mechanics I Guillaume Ducrozet Conferences and Initiation to Research Christian Burtin Numerical Hydrodynamics Lionel Gentaz
Numerical Methods Grégory Legrain Mechanical Design Stéphane Caro Wave-Structure Interations and Moorings Pierre Ferrant
Vibrations and Differential Equations Panagiotis Kotronis Propulsion Georges Salemeh Water Waves and Sea States Modeling Guillaume Ducrozet
French I Julie Pourquier French II Julie Pourquier French III Véronique Gourt

Eckerd College

Bachelors of Science 2012-2016
  • Autumn(Freshman only) and Winter terms offer one month courses designed for students to explore subjects outside their degree.
Freshman Autumn Freshman Fall Freshman Spring
Course Professor Course Professor Course Professor
Ethics and Animal Welfare Jason Sears Art of the Western World David Gliem Intermediate French II Lee Hilliker
Calculus I Jianqiang Zhao Calculus II Jianqiang Zhao
Geological Oceanography Joel B. Thompson Earth Structure Laura R. Wetzel
Western Heritage I Jason Sears Western Heritage II Jason Sears
Sophomore Fall Sophomore Winter Sophomore Spring
Course Professor Course Professor Course Professor
Intro to Computer Science Holger Mauch Puppetry: Construction & Manipulation Jesica Thonen Intermediate French II Lee Hilliker
Calculus III Jianqiang Zhao Differential Equations Jianqiang Zhao
Solid Earth Geophysics Laura Wetzel Biological Oceanography Bruce Barber
Fundamental Physics I Stephen P. Weppner Fundamental Physics II Stephen P. Weppner
Junior Fall Junior Winter Junior Spring
Course Professor Course Professor Course Professor
General Chemistry I Polina Maciejczyk Divination 101 Adria Haluszka General Chemistry II Polina Maciejczyk
French Composition and Conversation I Ashley Scheu French Composition and Conversation II Lee Hilliker
Principles of Hydrology Laura Wetzel Earth Materials Laura Wetzel
Environmental Ethics Jason Sears Data Structures Holger Mauch
Marine Science Junior Seminar David S. Duncan
Senior Fall Senior Winter Senior Spring
Course Professor Course Professor Course Professor
Native American History Carolyn Johnson Comprehensive Examination Shannon Gowans Digital Forensics Audrey Gendreau
Marine Science Stratigraphy and Sedimentation Gregg R. Brooks Green Design Jesse Sherry
Senior Seminar: Climate Change Past and Present David Hastings Chemical and Physical Oceanography David Hastings
Quest for Meaning Frank Hamilton Theatre Production Jessica Thonen
Theatre Production Jessica Thonen
Extracurricular Activites
  • Teaching Assistant - Earth Sctructure
  • Director of Pet Life
  • President - EC Disney Club
  • Vice President - EC Alternative Energies Club

  • Heritage Hall

    High School Diploma 2009-2012
    Exceptional Coursework
  • AP Chemistry
  • AP English Litterature
  • Stagecraft
  • Modern European History
  • Honors Physics
  • Honors Algebra II
  • Extracurricular Activites
  • Technical Theatre
  • French Club
  • Band - French Horn / Piano
  • Project Ignition - State Farm

  • Casady School

    Primary Education 1998-2009
    Extracurricular Activites
  • Technical Theatre
  • Band - French Horn
  • French Club
  • President - International Club
  • Cross Country
  • Tennis
  • Winter Running
  • Project Ignition - State Farm