© William H Clements
© William H Clements



~Where there's a Will,
there's a way!~

They say, "Where there's a will, there's a way", and I'm Will, so there must be a way. Even though the saying came long before my time, I have adopted the meaning as taking the extra step every time. Whether that be a school project, or the most import task at work; together, we can take that extra step and create something truly beautiful.

I am currently looking for hydrodynamics and CFD engineering internships in France and throughout the EU to complete my masters program. Looking beyond, it is my desire to work for a naval design firm or ship operator to take part in some of the major projects to come.

Here you will find a summary of my previous work experiences, various side projects that occupied my brain for a while, and a few of my favourite things. Should you wish to contact me, please visit the "Contact" page and I will repsond to you as soon as possible.

© William H Clements